The Statistics Screen



In the statistics screen, you can view your character's statistics. If you access your statistics from the training grounds (in the Empiriana Castle), you will also be able to choose your online persona. Currently, there are only a few bodies to choose from. In the future you will be able to heavily customize every aspect of your character's "look."

If you access your statistics from the dungeon, they will be placed on top of your 3D dungeon view. The statistics window looks like the following:

Name The name of your character.

Slogan Your slogan (available in the future).

Guild Your guild (available in the future).

Birthday The day you created your character.

Gold The amount of gold your character currently has. You can use gold to purchase a variety of items.

Exp. The amount of experience points your character currently has. When you achieve a certain number of experience points, you can increase your character's level. When you do go up a level, the exact number of experience points needed to go up the level will be subtracted from your total experience points.

Health If your character is low on health, you will need to drink some healing potion, find someone to cast a healing spell on you, or visit a healing fountain. If you run out of health, you are dead!

M.E. (Magical Essence) M.E. represents the power available to your character to cast spells. M.E. is the "health" of your character's spell casting ability. If your M.E. runs low, you might not be able to cast the spell you need.

Level This is the current level of your character. Higher levels gain more battle strengths and abilities.

Character Type The shows your current character type, as specified when your character was created.

STR (Strength) The higher your character's strength, the higher your character's ability to land a blow in melee combat.

CON (Constitution) Constitution represents the overall stamina of a character. This will help determine how well the character can fend off a blow.

DEX (Dexterity) Dexterity reflects how your character can move, dodge blows and how well they can land blows. The higher your character's dexterity is, the more moves they can get while in combat.

WIS (Wisdom) Wisdom represent how well a character can draw on life experience. For magical uses, the more wisdom a character has, the better they are at casting spells.

RES (Resistance) Resistance represents a character's ability to fend off magical spells, poisons, and melee blows.

Skills The skills count shows which skills your character has achieved.




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