The Equipment Screen



In the equipment screen, you can do many things. The screen has three sections: your character's inventory, a message window, and the current equipment window.

You can scroll through the inventory to see what items your character has. You can move items by simply left-clicking on them and then dragging them to where you want them to go. If you drag an item to the "Sell" area, that item will be deleted from your inventory and some gold will be given to you, if any. You can also drop items into certain areas of the current equipment window. These areas are described below.

Each item you put into the current equipment window will affect your statistics and capabilities. For example, if your character didn't have any armor, opponents would be able to easily kill you in battle. Some of the items you can equip your character with will improve magical abilities too.

You will not be able to equip your character with some of the items that are in your inventory. However, if you need them while traveling in the dungeon, you will be able to use them. Keys are a good example of this. Also, as you progress through the quests, you will collect various quest items that will only need to be stored in your inventory.

The equipment screen can be accessed from the training grounds (in the Empiriana Castle) or from any dungeon screen. While in combat, you would probably bring up the equipment screen to heal yourself or increase your Magical Essence. If you have a potion, like a healing potion for instance, you would scroll your inventory window until you found the potion. Then to "drink" the potion, you would right-click on the bottle. Upon doing this, a message would appear in the message window indicating how much your health has increased. The health bar at the top of the current equipment window would also show the increase.

When you are done with the equipment screen, all you need to do is press the "Done" button.




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