Exploring the Town



After you click on the "Logon" sword, you will see the main Empiriana town map screen. From here you can begin your journey into the world of Empiriana.

As you move your mouse over the different buildings a pop up box will appear telling you the name of each building. Other areas of the Empiriana town map may be accessed by moving the mouse cursor along the edge of the map. You can explore Empiriana by clicking on any of the buildings. Once inside a building, there may be other paths to access other rooms. To exit Empiriana from the town map, find the Empiriana town map screen (the one below the main map screen above) with the circle of stones. This is the exit portal, simply click on the exit portal to exit Empiriana.

In Empiriana, navigation is primarily accomplished by using the mouse. In the dungeon, you can also use the keyboard arrows and numeric key pad to walk around (see Numeric Keypad section)

Places in Empiriana to visit:

Inside any of the taverns you can choose a seat and sit awhile. To order a drink, click on the barrels. To request a tune to be played while in tavern, click on the music instruments and the bard will list the tunes available, if he is not busy. Warning: Drinking in Empiriana can cause your character to do and say things over which you have no control.

The Castle
In the Castle halls, the Castle Tavern can be found. At the end of the hallway lies the Great Hall. In the future The Great Hall will host meetings and conferences for players. The Great Hall and other doors inside the Castle will lead to other rooms and locations as Empiriana grows.

The Training Grounds
The Training Grounds are accessed by clicking on the Castle and taking the left-side passage at the Castle Entrance. Once in the Training Grounds, move your cursor over the different areas of the screen. Towards the left of the screen you will find the option to change characters or create a new character. Where the sword and work out bag are located, you may see your characters inventory screen. Towards the right side of the screen you will find the option to view your characters statistics.

The House of Elders
In the House of Elders, you will be able to get information about quests and learn more of what is going on in the world of Empiriana. If you have enough experience points to go up a level, the elders will allow you to do so. While in the house of Elders move your mouse cursor around until you see a pop up box that says "Talk to Elders". Left click and a dialog box will pop with some text in it. Click on that pop up box again and it will tell you if you have attained another experience level or how many experience points are required to reach the next experience level.

The Pigeon Coop
See the Pigeon Coop page...

The Blacksmith's Shop
In the Blacksmith's Shop, you can buy weapons and armor to outfit your character. As you move your mouse cursor over the items in the room, the pop up box will display the category of the highlighted item. Left click and a listing of that category will be displayed. You will see the items available in that category and their cost. To purchase an item move your cursor to the item description and left click. If you have enough gold the item will be transferred to your inventory and the gold deducted from your inventory. Only item types that your character may use are listed in each category. In the rear section of the Blacksmith there is an area labeled "Specialties". In the future, the specialties option will allow a player to craft a weapon that only they may wield.

The Guild Hall (The Empiriana Inn)
See the Guild Hall page...

The Wizard's Study
In the Wizard's Study, you can buy potions, magical items and spells. Moving your cursor over the table, you will see the different categories you may choose from. Click on Potions and a list of available potions will be displayed. You will see a description of the potion and its cost. The more a potion costs, the greater its effects. Healing potions will restore hit points to your character while Magical Essence potions restore magical essence points. To purchase a potion point at the item in the category pop up and left click. If you have enough gold the item will be transferred to your inventory and the gold deducted.

To purchase a Spell, click on the spell book located on the table. Spells your character is capable of using (if any) will be displayed on the left page of the book. Spells you know are displayed on the right page of the book. To purchase a spell, left click on the name of the spell on the left page of the book. A spinning arrow appears in the center of the book. Click on the spinning arrow and the spell will be transferred to the right page. The cost of the spell is deducted from your gold inventory. As you gain experience levels, more powerful spells may be made available to you. You may sell spells back by left clicking on the spell name on the right page. Then clicking on the spinning arrow. The profits are automatically transferred to your inventory.

The Dungeon
In the hillside outside of Empiriana, you will see an ancient structure recently discovered. Within this Dungeon lies a vast labyrinth of halls and rooms. In the Dungeon, you can explore, accumulate experience and gold, and, of course, fight the evils that lurk there. You can also find new items to add to your inventory there. Bring a weapon with you, as you won't be alone!

The Exit Portal
Just to the outside of the town of Empiriana you will find a circle of stones. Click inside circle of stones to exit the world of Empiriana.




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