Creating Characters

The first screen you will get to after the Chalice screen is the character selection screen. From here you can select your characters or create new ones.

If you have no characters, there will be none listed. To create a new character, press the "Create" sword. You will then be asked to enter the name of the character you want to use. Name your character with whatever name you want. Keep in mind that Empiriana allows only a maximum of 10 letters for a name. Please refrain from using profane names. Also, all names in Empiriana are unique, so if you pick a name and get a "Name is already in use…" error message, try another name. You can have up to six characters per account in Empiriana. All character statistics are stored on our servers, so you don't have to worry about backing up any files.

The next step lets you select your character's race.

Races you can choose from:

Humans, are well equipped for all classes.

Half Orc
Half Orcs are strong characters, they are well suited to be Warriors as they excel at the art of close combat.

Halflings are nimble characters. They are best for non-fighting classes. For example, they make good thieves.

An Elf is skilled in the ways of both fighting and magic.

Half Elf
Part Human and part Elf, the Half Elf is better with warrior skills, although they still possess other magical skills.

A Dwarf makes a stout fighter. They are quick and rough and can handle many combat situations with ease.

Specters are creatures from the ethereal plane. They are well suited for the magical classes.

After you choose your character's race, you must choose its class. A class is similar to a profession. Your character will tend to develop and perform skills associated with their class.

A word about classes in Empiriana
In the world of Role Playing Games, the class of a character takes on different meanings among various games while often maintaining a common thread. In the world of Empiriana, you will find similarities and differences within character classes. We are constantly developing the character classes in Empiriana so that each class will have its specialties and traits making it unique from the other classes. In Empiriana, each character class will have its own specialty weapons, armor, and other items that require a certain skill level to wield.

As characters progress and gain experience levels, they also gain skill levels in their particular class. Characters will also have the ability to gain levels in other classes as well. While a War Mage will never have the same level of proficiency in Scouting as does a Scout, the War Mage will still be able to advance within that class over time.

Players also may find special bonuses that yield a skill in another class. Players may, when allowed, assign a skill level to another class as they progress to a higher experience level. Keep in mind that characters will not always get an extra skill point to assign to another class skill, so characters will always specialize in their given field. For instance, your War Mage may have a skill level of 17 in the War Mage skill field. Over time, through finding bonuses and experience levels, your War Mage may end up with a skill of say 3 in another class like Scouting. If a player then finds an item, weapon, device, or even a secret room that requires a Scout level 3 to enter, that character can now utilize their Scout skill to do so. Of course, being a level 17 War Mage and using a Scouting Bow of level 3 would not be very effective against an equivalent level 17 monster. So as a level 17 War Mage you would instead rely on using a weapon or spell suited to the task at hand.

As Empiriana grows and we elaborate on the skill system, each character class will become very valuable to an adventure party. Our goal is to make and maintain a balance in play that makes

each character class indispensable. So no matter which class you choose to develop you will find growth and challenge ahead. Keep in mind that Empiriana is always growing, developing, and changing so that we may keep the game system interesting, new, and challenging for the player.

Classes you can choose from:

War Mage
War Mages could best be compared with wizards. The War Mage uses magical essence to cast spells for both offensive and defensive purposes. The War Mage would best be described as the warrior of the magical class.

The second character in the magical class, the Mystic, would best be compared to a traditional cleric. The Mystic can cast a set of offensive and defensive spells but concentrates on spells that can help the adventure party more in the adventure itself. They are adept in the ways of healing as well as defeating magical puzzles that may inhibit a party from continuing a quest.

Best described as a traditional thief, the Brigand excels in stealth, picking locks, finding and disarming traps, and of course, finding that elusive secret door. In battle a Brigand can hold his or her own, so be careful not turn your back on one.

The Questor could be compared to a knight. A blend of warrior and scout with a touch of mystic thrown in for good measure. The Questor is a true multi-class character.

The Scout can be compared to a ranger. The Scout excels at finding paths that may not be obvious to others. Scouts also have an uncanny way of sensing monsters and avoiding them with the use of skill items. Scouts are also known for their great speed and deadly aim with a bow.

The Warrior needs no comparison. Warriors can wield weapons better than any other. A Warrior is the fighting class of Empiriana, first and foremost.

Experimentation will yield the best results for different race/class combinations. Since each race has different strengths and weaknesses, a particular race/class combination would be better in some situations and worse in others. For example, the Half Orc would naturally be very strong and could wield a mighty weapon, yet may have some problems handling a small lock pick tool. Therefore, a Half Orc would not be as good a brigand as he would a warrior.

After selecting your character's race, you will need to choose the sex of the character. The sex generally only affects some of the graphics you will see in the game. Particularly in your equipment screen.

Once you have a character, you can select it in the center area of the character creation screen. To enter Empiriana with that character, press on the "Logon" sword.




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