Connecting to Empiriana



How to Start

To begin your journey into Empiriana, you will first need to go to the "Start" menu, select the "Programs" menu, then select the "Empiriana" item in the programs list. The following "Connect As" window will appear:

connect.gif (7475 bytes)

If this is your first time, you will need to enter in your Login ID and Password into the appropriate fields.

From the "Connect As" window, you can also update the game files or set some properties for the game. The "Automatically Check For Updates" check box will set Empiriana to automatically check for new updates everytime the program is run. If you click on the "Update Empiriana Now" button, you will see a window similar to this:

updater.gif (4914 bytes)

The Auto Updater will figure out what files you have, check if there are new updates for any of them, and then download the updates as needed. You may click the "Abort Update" button if you need to in order to exit the update session.

The other button on the "Connect As" window is the "World Properties" button. By pressing this button, you can change various settings. Here is what the "World Properties" window looks like:

The "World Address" should be set to This will assure that you are logging into the correct server. If you click on the "Sound and Music" tab, you will see the following window:

If you check the boxes next to sound and music, those aspects of the game will be enabled, respectively. Note that if you are running any kind of software synthesizer, you might not be able to hear sound, music, or both while in the game. You can check this in your MIDI settings in your Control Panel. If you check "Enable 16 Bit Audio", sounds in Empiriana will be played at the higher resolution if your sound hardware supports 16-bit sound. If you turn this feature off, sounds will be played at an audio resolution of 8 bits.

When you are through setting things up, you can press the "OK" button to get back to the "Connect" window. You are now ready to connect to Empiriana! To connect, simply press the "Connect" button. Upon doing this, you will see a window appear describing the steps the Empiriana software is taking to connect to the Empiriana server. Usually this process will run by very quickly. If the connection gets stuck for any reason, you might want to refer to our online FAQ on our web site support pages or contact us. The most common error is that the Logon ID and Password do not match. If this is the case, be sure to double check that values you entered are correct.

If your screen goes black and then the Infinite Realms Chalice screen comes up, you have successfully connected to the Empiriana server. At this point you can begin your game session.




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