Installation of Empiriana is fairly easy, once you have the installation file you need. The installation file can be found on the Infinite Realms web site. The URL is:

On this page, there will be links to different files you can download. There will usually be at least two links, one for new users and one for returning users. The link for new users will send you to the page to download the Empiriana installation file that will install the entire game. The link for returning users will send you to a page to download the latest Empiriana patch. Since Empiriana is an ongoing effort, there will be many new and exciting patches available for download over time. Sometimes patches will be required, sometimes they won't. Be sure to read the text on the software pages for more information when the time comes.

If you are a first time user, you will need to download a file with a name similar to "emp100.exe". This executable would be the install file. To download the file, you can click on the link to the file with your mouse while in your favorite Internet browser. You would then be prompted with a dialog box asking you where you want to download the file. Choose wherever you want the file to go, but remember where you put it!

When the download is complete, you would then need to run the file you just downloaded. The usual method to do this is to open "My Computer" and then navigate through the folders until you find the file. Once there, you can double-click the file to run it.

The installation process is a standard Windows 95 installation. The only information you are required to provide is where you want the game to be installed. The default is "C:\IRGAME\" but you may install it on any drive and to any folder you wish. All the files required to play Empiriana are installed into this folder.

As stated in the requirements section, DirectX is required to be installed before you can run Empiriana. The DirectX installation file is also provided on our web site. Once you download the DirectX installation file, run it. The actual file you download will probably be a compressed version of all the DirectX installation files, but upon decompressing the install program will automatically run.

The install program will detect any existing DirectX components. If you already have drivers that are certified, then you will not need to install anything. Some drivers, like display drivers, might be DirectX compatible, but not certified. Even though they aren't certified, they might still work.

When you first run the DirectX Setup program, you will see a list of components and some buttons at the bottom of the window. If the components indicate "Certified," you probably don't need to install DirectX. If one or more are "Not installed," you should install DirectX.

When you are ready to install DirectX, just click the "Reinstall DirectX" button. The installation will be automatic. When it completes, you will need to reboot your computer.




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