Empiriana Message Group System



The message group system allows users to moderate and join message channels while in Empiriana. You may join or moderate up to six channels at a time. Listed below are the commands available to use the message group system. Begin each command with a ">" symbol. Once you have joined a channel, you must specify which channel you are to send a message to by using the ">>#:" command (where # is the channel number). To recall this command, you can use the F1 key to scroll though your list of groups previously addressed.

Note that in each of the tables below # can be any number from 1 to 9999.

Channel Commands for Users

>listchans Displays all current channels available in Empiriana. Channels listed with a * after the channel number indicate that the channel is password protected.
>joinchan # Command to join a channel where # is the channel number (i.e., ">joinchan 1").
>joinchan # password Command to join a password protected channel where # is the channel number followed by the password for the channel (i.e., ">joinchan 99 empiscool").
>leavechan # Command to leave specified channel number.
>chandetail # Command to see who is in specified channel. Password protected channels can only be detailed by using the correct password after the channel number (see next command).
>chandetail # password Command to see specified channel details for a password protected channel. The channel’s actual password must follow the channel number.
>listpwd # Command to list specified channels password. Must be active in specified channel at time of request.
>listmychans Lists all channels you are currently active in.
>>#: message Command to talk to a specified channel. This command does require two > symbols followed by a colon.


Channel Commands for Moderators

These commands are valid only to open new channels or for those already moderating the channel. To open a new channel use the ">joinchan #" where # is the new channel number. If you are opening this channel you become the moderator. Available channels are 1 to 9999.

>namechan # newname Command to name channel where # is the channel number and newname is the name you choose to call the channel. This command only works if you are the current moderator of the channel.
>setchanpwd # password Command to establish a password for the channel you are moderating. Passwords are only necessary if you choose to allow only invited members into your chat channel.
>setchanpwd # Same as above but will clear a current password since no new password is requested.
>closechan # Command to close specified channel.
>delegatechan # username Command to delegate new moderator. username is the name of the player you wish to take over the specified channel.
>invite # username Will send an invitation to specified player to join your channel. If channel is password protected, the password will be sent with the invitation. Only a channel moderator may send out an invitation.
>chanboot # username Command to remove specified player from the specified channel. This command is only available to channel moderator.




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