Communication With Other Players



You can communicate with others at any time while in Empiriana. While in the town map (or other screens without a chat window) just start typing. Hit <ESC> (Escape) to cancel or <CR> (Enter) to send. Your message will only be sent from these screens if it is a private message. If you are in a tavern or any of the dungeon screens, anyone else in the same room or area where you are will see your general, non-private broadcasts.

Sending a Private Message

Username: By typing in a character name followed by a colon, you may send that player a private message (as long as they are online). An example is:

KingArthur: Meet me in the dungeon entrance.<CR>

If you were to receive this message, you would see a message similar to the following:

Prv> SirLancelot: Meet me in the dungeon entrance.

In this example, SirLancelot sent a private message to you.

Communication While In a Party
When you are in a party you can simply type without specifying a characters name and hit return. The message will be broadcast to all in the party only. You may still communicate to any player within the game privately by typing the characters name followed by a colon, then the message you wish to send them. To broadcast a message to other players in the current map while in a party, type the word "map" followed by a colon, then the message you wish to broadcast.

Mute Username: If there is a player in the game that is harassing people or using foul language we urge player’s to use the mute function. Just type in the command "mute" followed by the offending players name, that player will be notified that you have muted them. You will no longer receive messages from that account for the duration of this session. The mute will remain in use even if the other player changes character or logs off then back on. Note: there is no colon used between mute and the username.

Unmute Username: If you choose to cancel a mute type "unmute" followed by the players name you wish to unmute. Note: there is no colon used between unmute and the username.




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