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Client Status and Development Screen Shots

Screen shots were obtained using Sun's J2ME Wireless Toolkit.

Client Status

Present MIDlet jar size is 52kb, requiring at least 64kb of RecordStore capacity. The release MIDlet jar size will be 64kb. Additional RecordStore capacity can be utilized to reduce network resource loads. Caching algorithms are used to make best use of the RecordStore. Minimum RecordStore size is sufficient to contain all required resources for several discrete game regions at a time. MIDlet is MIDP 1.0 compliant and does not rely upon vendor specific J2ME extensions.

All shots are taken during a live multiplayer session with server connection. All screen shots are fully functional game elements, dynamically created by the MIDlet, not static dummy images. The captured images have not been altered in any way aside from cropping the image size. Sprites shown in combat are fully animated. Animation frame rate using proprietary sprite encoding is exceptional and extremely playable. Dungeon and Combat screens are fully scrollable by user.

All images are copyright Irealms Inc with all rights reserved. Reproduction without express prior written consent is prohibited.

Development Screen Shots

Title Screen

Empiriana Town



Looking Around

Reading Signs

Out for a Stroll

The Big Picture

Pausing for a Chat


Dungeon Elements:


Doesn't look so bad...

or does it?

A Small Confrontation



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