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Infinite Realms is pleased to announce the forthcoming title Empiriana Mobile. Empiriana Mobile is a massively multi player role playing game set in a medieval theme, available for wireless networked play on J2ME/MIDP enabled mobile devices such as the new generation of mobile phones.

Empiriana Mobile is a ground breaking development, bringing formerly unseen features and play to J2ME devices. Features include:

Real Time Multi Player Gaming

See, interact, and cooperate with other players in real time. Watch other players as they explore the Empiriana world, chat with friends to share strategies, or cooperate together to defeat a powerful enemy. Playing in the company of other players adds a huge dimension to the gaming experience. Empiriana features 6 character classes and 7 character races to choose from. The numerous combinations yield characters with different strengths and an emphasis on different skills. When players of different classes and races join forces, it allows a very diverse palette of strategies in defeating the denizens of Empiriana; bringing numerous dynamics to the game.

Expansive Game World

Utilizing proprietary dynamic game resourcing, Empiriana Mobile allows a huge gaming experience to be performed within the small limited footprint of J2ME devices. While the game fits into a tiny space, the experience is much larger than the small footprint it requires. Despite it's small size and on demand networked resources, Empiriana Mobile doesn't require lengthy or constant downloads during play. Fully playing through the game takes upwards of 400 hours, though it can be accomplished more quickly with the assistance of other experienced and powerful player.

Character Persistence

All of the player's hard work is not lost when they log off. In fact, it's not even lost if the battery in their device dies during play or their connection gets broken. Characters in Empiriana grow and become more powerful over time, and this growth is safely stored in the Empiriana server system. Using proprietary designs, character data is invulnerable to the numerous forms of interruptions. When a session is terminated for whatever reason, when the player returns to the game, their character is exactly where they left them. Also, because the characters are stored on the server, when a user upgrades a phone, they don't have to worry about backing up character data. The characters will be automatically available when they activate their new phone.

Vibrant Graphical World

Empiriana Mobile creates a new standard for graphics on limited mobile devices. Through the use of proprietary graphical encoding, dynamic game resourcing, and advanced VM object caching, graphics are not only outstanding for the class of device, but animation speed is very quick and fluid.

Expandable Game World

The Empiriana game worlds are based on dynamic and extensible engines. Additional game features and expansions can be released in real time without client application updates. Over time, as Empiriana updates are released, the available game gets larger and larger, offering more and more things to do.

Much more than just a maze

Empiriana Mobile is much more than a maze game. There are puzzles to solve, rooms, treasures, and items to discover and quests to complete. There are switches to flip, doors to unlock, machines to repair, pools that may heal or harm, legends to learn, and of course monsters. Lots and lots of monsters. Some merely a nuisance, others instantly fatal, at least until players gain enough experience and resources to turn the tables on the denizens.

Empiriana Mobile began development in early Q3 2002. The release of Empiriana Mobile is expected to be in Q1 2003. For updates of the development progress, visit our Client Status and Development Screen Shots page here.

We are also presently in the process of revising the web site content for Empiriana Mobile. If you wish to learn more about the Empiriana world in the mean time, you may wish to visit the old Empiriana Classic PC web site here.

If you have questions about Empiriana Mobile, please visit our contacts page for the appropriate contact address.

Empiriana Mobile Stats:

  • 165+ Maps to explore
  • 300+ Items to discover
  • 75+ Spells to master
  • 85+ Monsters to defeat
  • 6 Character Classes
  • 7 Character Races
  • 64kb Client
  • J2ME MIDP Compliant

Empiriana Mobile Features:

  • Medieval RPG
  • Online Play
  • Massively Multi Player
  • True color Graphics
  • Animated Graphics
  • Real Time Chat
  • Messaging Features
  • Fully Expandable


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